A bug shares images of Xiaomi cameras without permission. Google deactivates integration.

Updated: Apr 1

A new security problem that affects Xiaomi and some of the security cameras of those that are increasingly popular in many homes has jumped. A bug has allowed camera images to be sent to other users, this has caused even Google to take action on the matter.

The news has not taken long to come to light after appearing in forums like Reddit. Some Xiaomi cameras have broadcast images and videos of other users on Google Nest devices and of course, without the affected ones being aware. A flagrant violation of privacy and intimacy that has caused Google to disable Xiaomi integration with Google Home products and Google Assistant.

Images distributed without consent

They have echoed the news from Android Police. Google Nest Hub users were receiving images from other people's Xiaomi cameras. Images that showed the activity, of all kinds, developed in other homes.

People sleeping, busy with household chores ... the distribution has been random and has meant a headache after user complaints. In fact, the first case appeared in Reddit and in the same user Dio-V explained how his Xiaomi Mijia 1080p camera offered images of other people when he tried to transmit the image of this to a Google Nest Hub.

The error appears when trying to stream locally, at which time black and white images appear or failures on the screen. And you enter those images from unknown users. A ruling that has not taken long to reach Google, a company that has responded with the issuance of this statement:

We are aware of the problem and we are in contact with Xiaomi to work on a solution. At the moment, we are disabling Xiaomi integrations in our devices.

Apparently, for now, there is talk of a series of specific cases, many of them explained in Reddit, but given that it is very sensitive material, Google has chosen to limit the problem with its devices.

For now, it is not known if it is a firmware failure, the work of a cybercriminal because the fault affects people from different countries and only Xiaomi cameras.


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