AirPods Pro. Apple's new wireless headphones

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

The new Apple wireless headphones are already with us: these are the AirPods Pro - not the "Airpods 2", as we were referring to them - and they reach the market with a new design and one of the most anticipated options in the recent times

This is the active noise cancellation that will allow the elimination of background noise that Apple says will be customized for each user. The surround sound and the ability to offer an ambient sound mode are other improvements integrated into this advanced iteration of this accessory that has become a success for Apple.

New Design

The new AirPdos Pro is the advanced version of the AirPods that we had so far, and reach the market with a new and peculiar design that clearly differs from its predecessors.

The "pin" is now much shorter and the format of the in-ear headset also changes. Among the changes in the presence of flexible silicone ear pads. These pads are interchangeable and as with other rivals, they will arrive in three different sizes to better adapt to the physiognomy of each type of user.

The new format integrates a system of slots that Apple says prevents discomfort from other earbuds. The new model is resistant to sweat and water, which also makes them suitable for athletes.

Active Noise Cancellation

It was one of the most anticipated options of the new models, and finally, users will be able to have one of the most appreciated features in competing for wireless headphones in different formats: active noise cancellation.

To achieve this, two microphones are used that combined with certain software algorithms allow us to adapt to the external sound to neutralize it. According to Apple, this noise cancellation is also personalized "so that the user can focus on what they are listening to, whether it's their favorite song or a telephone conversation."

While the first microphone is oriented outwards, the second one is oriented inwards, which allows the rest of the noise detected by this microphone to be canceled. This system works continuously canceling and adapting that signal 200 times per second.

Surround Sound

In the AirPods Pro, there is the so-called adaptive equalization that is changing dynamically so that it can be adjusted to low and medium frequencies of the music to create that "rich and immersive listening experience", according to those responsible for Apple.

The headphones do not completely isolate if we do not want to: the ambient sound mode allows users to listen to music without isolating themselves from the outside world.

Here these pressure equalization slots and the software integrated with the headphones come into play. Both elements allow the user's voice to sound natural while the audio is playing. To change from noise cancellation mode to ambient sound mode, simply press the new pressure sensor integrated into the headset.

That touch control will also be used to play, pause or pass songs forward or backward, and also to pick up or hang up the phone. There is no volume control through touch gestures, yes.

The H1 Chip Returns

These headphones are again based on the Apple H1 chip that was already used in the renewed AirPods this year: we will then have Bluetooth 5.0 support and a 30% improvement in latency compared to the W1 chip of the previous iteration of the AirPods.

Apple indicates that autonomy does not change for this new model, which will have up to five hours of audio playback. Of course: if we activate the noise cancellation that autonomy falls a little until four and a half hours in audio reproduction and up to three and a half hours in conversation.

The wireless charging case is also a companion of these headphones, and thanks to it it is possible to enjoy up to 24 hours of audio playback and up to 18 hours of conversation. To load them we can use both the Lightning port and a base compatible with the Qi standard, as was the case with its predecessor.

Price and availability of Apple AirPods Pro

The new AirPods Pro cost 249 dollars and is already on sale from the Apple online store. They will be sent from Wednesday, October 30 and will arrive at the physical stores later this week, although that availability may vary by country and region.


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