Alexa, make coffee... 8 things that ALEXA can do in the KITCHEN.

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Alexa is not only a valuable help when it comes to easily and comfortably manage the smart devices of our home, keeping our agenda always up to date or helping out the smallest family members in the studios.

Amazon's virtual assistant has also proved frankly useful in the kitchen. Today we bring you a list of Alexa skills that will undoubtedly convince you to place your Amazon Echo there.

1. Make coffee.

Something so every day can stop being a nuisance if we ask Alexa to be the one to start the coffee maker while we perform any other task. For this, it would be necessary to have a compatible coffee maker or a simple drip coffee maker and a smart switch. If you remembered adding coffee and water the night before, enjoy asking Alexa from the bed to make your coffee while you finish waking up.

2. Set a timer.

If you ask Alexa to set a 10-minute timer, she will. Even better, you can have several timers running simultaneously and give each one a name. Just say something like: "Alexa, turn on the pizza timer for 10 minutes" and she will do it.

3. Manage the control of smart appliances.

Manage the control of smart appliances, large or small, such as the fridge, microwave, washing machine, modern slow cookers ... Whether you have a whole network of connected appliances as if you use simple and cheap smart switches, you can get a kitchen perfect in which you just have to do nothing more than order things to be done.

4. Count the calories.

Go ahead, ask Alexa how many calories are in a bag of donuts covered with popcorn or chocolate (or, better, no, it's not a good idea). The best ally in healthy diets! You can also provide information on carbohydrates and other nutritional information for a particular product, provided that it is available online, or from generic foods, such as a steak or an eggplant.

5. Calculate conversions in the kitchen.

You can ask Alexa to make conversions simply by asking questions like: "How many glasses are in a liter?" Or "How many tablespoons are in ten centiliters?" You can also ask him to convert the volume to weight: "Alexa, how much does one weigh a cup of flour?

6. Prepare the shopping list.

Tell Alexa to add bags for sandwiches or more sweet peppers to your shopping list and she will. Then, when you ask for it, she will read it to you again. You can also ask him to print it for you.

7. Tell you what temperature to cook.

Tell you at what temperature that juicy piece you have in the oven should be cooked. It was time to take advantage of that roast thermometer that they gave you and that you have never used because you don't know the temperatures, right?

8. Give you ideas on what to cook.

If you are looking at a refrigerator that contains ingredients that you have no idea what to cook with, ask Alexa what you can do with them. It will provide you with amazing suggestions! There are multiple options and sources to obtain that information, such as the famous Allrecipes. You can say something like "Alexa, ask Allrecipes what I can do with chicken and broccoli" or "Alexa, ask Allrecipes for a slow-cooked recipe for pork needle."

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