Announcement and trailer of Star Wars Squadrons, a space action game with story mode and multiplayer

A leak alerted us, and Electronic Arts wasted little time releasing its new Star Wars video game. This is Star Wars: Squadrons for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, a first-person space action game that offers an original story mode set after the Return of the Jedi movie, plus 5v5 multiplayer combat, and "Monumental Clashes in Fleet Battles".

Developed by Motive Studios, which was speculated at the beginning of the year to be working on two Star Wars games, it was presented with a short trailer that summons us at the end of the week to get to know its space action in depth during EA Play Live 2020. " We developed this video game for all Star Wars fans who have ever dreamed of flying across the galaxy in their favorite Starfighter, "said studio creative director Ian Frazier. "We have created a reliable experience at the controls of a Starfighter through the narration of an authentic story that invites followers of Star Wars to explore corners of the galaxy never seen from their own ship."

Squadrons situate its action in the last days of the Galactic Empire and the birth of the New Republic, being able to choose sides both in the multiplayer and in the solo campaign itself, which precisely stars two customizable pilots from both sides: a pilot from the Squadron Vanguard of the New Republic and one from the Titan Squadron of the Galactic Empire. "This authentic story features a diverse cast of original characters, as well as some of the familiar faces in the Star Wars galaxy."

As for multiplayer battles, these promise to portray the epic and spectacular nature of space combat in the Star Wars saga. The objective of the fight is to demolish the opponent's flagship in the Fleet Battle mode, while Refriega invites us to cooperate with the members of our squad to survive the waves of the enemies.

As we add wins to our account we will earn rewards in the form of cosmetic items and ship upgrades, giving us the freedom to customize our starfighter as we please. In this sense, EA highlights that all rewards will be obtained with playtime and not with micro-payments. Given its commitment to multiplayer, Electronic Arts has confirmed that it will be compatible with crossplay between all platforms.

Star Wars: Squadrons is slated to premiere on PC via Origin, Steam, and the Epic Games Store; as well as PS4 and Xbox One on October 2 at the price of 39.99 euros / dollars. Those responsible also emphasize that it will be compatible with virtual reality on PC and PS4. Now it remains to be seen what other announcements Electronic Arts keeps, which as we said, next Thursday celebrates its traditional EA Play Live. We also invite you to visit our Find Your Next Game event where we offer exclusive announcements and impressions of some of the games to come.

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