Apple prepares its augmented reality helmet for 2022

Many have been the rumors that have associated Apple with an important product in the field of augmented reality. The company has been experimenting with this technology on its tablets and mobile phones for some time, but that seems only a foretaste of what is to come.

This is at least indicated in The Information, where they have revealed that Apple prepares its first great product, an augmented reality helmet, by 2022. A year later that product will be refined and we will have with us the augmented reality glasses that some analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo anticipated that they would arrive in mid-2020.

First the helmet

It seems that we will have to be much more patient than those previous data indicated, and if we pay attention to the sources of The Information said augmented reality glasses will not arrive until three years later.

That seems to reflect the complexity of a technology that, for example, Microsoft has been promoting with its Hololens for some time. The second version of its advanced augmented reality helmet, the HoloLens 2, came to the market recently with a very entrepreneurial approach to both Microsoft's own marketing and price ($ 3,500).

Apple already has in development that the first product will be the augmented reality helmet with codename N301 and that is, at least in format, similar to autonomous reality glasses such as the Oculus Quest.

This helmet will have the option of offering both augmented reality and virtual reality experiences and makes use of external cameras to map the user's environment, in addition to raising a high-resolution internal screen that will allow superimposing virtual objects in the real world.

And then, augmented reality glasses

Development kits are expected to be available in 2021 so that companies interested in creating augmented reality experiences or games can do so from that moment and thus combine with the launch of that first hardware product in 2022.

A year later, augmented reality glasses will appear, which according to The Information are also already in the prototype phase and have the appearance of "high-end sunglasses with a very thick frame in which the battery and chips are integrated". Its appearance could, therefore, be similar to those of the Google Glass project.

Rumors suggest that the lenses of these glasses darken when they are operating in augmented reality mode to make the rest of the world notice that the user of those glasses is busy wearing them, a clear visual signal similar to what has already been done especially Popular with the AirPods.

As they point out in The Verge, Apple's plans with augmented reality seem to be especially ambitious. Tim Cook already talked about this technology by comparing it with smartphones and stating that "augmented reality is that big, it is gigantic" and seems to pose a massive adoption of this technology.

Apple already showed the relevance of augmented reality when it announced ARKit at the WWDC of 2017, and since then the winks to this area have been numerous. This development kit has allowed developers and users to experiment with various projects on the screens of their mobiles and their iOS-based tablets, but it seems increasingly clear that Apple wants to go further in this segment.


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