Cyberpunk 2077 celebrates the anniversary of Mad Max Fury Road by showing one of its vehicles

Updated: May 24, 2020

Today marks 5 years since the premiere of Mad Max: Fury Road, which for many was one of the best movies of the entire past decade. On CD Projekt RED he also liked the George Miller film for what it looks, since the official account of Cyberpunk 2077 has wanted to celebrate this date, and has done so by showing new content of the game: the personalized 'Reaver' vehicle. We are talking about a special version of the Quadra Type-66, the rough brother of the vehicle that you know so much about all the times you have revisited the first trailer for the E3 2018 game (and if you have not, this is the opportunity). But back to the car, from Cyberpunk 2077 they show us this personalized version, called 'Reaver', with a very thug design that would not clash in the Mad Max deserts, for lack of some spikes.

It is the vehicle that will be used by members of the 'Wraiths', one of the dangerous street gangs that will make up the Night City ecosystem. "With its nearly 1,000 horsepower, you will ride eternal, shiny and chrome," says the official account of the game. But beware, it is the vehicle of a band does not mean that it is out of our reach, and the Community Lead of the study, Marcin Momot, confirms in his account that we can drive it in the game. Cyberpunk 2077 will hit stores long before that year, on September 17, 2020. A deep cyberpunk adventure that will feature all the violence and all those adult themes that are expected of it, as well as offering explicit sex scenes and personalization of genitalia, among other things. If you want to get a little more excited while waiting for its premiere, here are our impressions of Cyberpunk 2077 from E3 2019.

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