Cyberpunk Detective is an investigative adventure with a noir tone that will come to PC

Cyberpunk Detective is an independent investigation, exploration, and action game that will take us to a futuristic and decadent city. CyberPsychos, the studio that develops the title, has its first feature in this game. They promise personalization, commissions of all kinds, and a city in which to get lost to solve puzzles, have romantic relationships, and meet a variety of characters.

As they tell on the Steam page, where it is indicated that "it will come soon", the main mechanics will be based on collecting orders based on mysteries and crimes and obtaining a monetary reward once the objective has been achieved. Those tasks will lead us to investigate dark alleys and smelly places, but also to some combats; Of course, ammunition will be scarce, enemies abundant and sometimes the best decision will be to run, always bearing in mind that "your choices have an impact on the game."

The setting of this nameless cyberpunk city will mix the futurism of the genre with the noir and decadence of the crime novel. The protagonist wakes up, similar to Disco Elysium, in a room full of "decadence and misery." "You can try dressing, but you'll only find a semi-white shirt, a not-so-new pair of shoes, and a tattered tie."

They promise people to meet and character improvements

The city will be full of "markets, suspicious stores, and dark corners" inhabited by "drug traffickers, prostitutes, cyber gangs and young hackers" with whom to interact in different ways. "Listen to people's stories and get to know them better," they say from CyberPsychos, noting that they can have sex and "spend time in a pub, drinking to the point that you no longer remember about this evil city."

The protagonist will be able to improve himself through cybernetic prostheses that will help him advance in a plot that will cover "corruption, murder, the dark market of prosthetics" and other recurring themes of the genre. Many questions will have to be asked in detective work, questioning "the bosses with deaf intent, as well as the homeless who were in the wrong place at the wrong time."

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