Echo Studio The AMAZON product that will compete with the HomePod

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Today in the market we find a wide variety of smart speakers, but none is able to match the audio quality of Apple or Sonos alternatives so far. From Amazon, they have started to work intensely as reported by Bloomberg to be able to develop a speaker that approaches the sound quality offered by the HomePod integrating how it could not be otherwise its virtual assistant Alexa.

The sound quality that HomePod gives us is incredibly good although it has the problem of having a voice assistant that has been left behind. By this, we mean that Apple has the best speaker but the least intelligent in our opinion at the moment.

Amazon wants to face HomePod in the future

Amazon wants to stand out both in voice assistant and in sound quality, and they have already taken small steps such as the Amazon Echo Plus that offers us better sound but still does not reach the quality we have in the Apple and Sonos alternatives. We must remember that this Amazon Echo Plus can be found for 199.99 USD, which is a much more attractive price than the HomePod but without a doubt sacrificing the sound.

In the coming months, we will surely be facing a speaker that gives us great sound quality combined with a very intelligent voice assistant. Right now, Amazon has wanted to "hunt" the user for the intelligence of his assistant but to focus on the musical quality so far. Google may also bet on a similar product in the future, something that will end up putting Apple on the ropes.

The HomePod stands out above the competition thanks to its sound quality but not by the intelligence of its assistant, Siri. In the future, if there are finally similar alternatives in both sound quality and intelligence Apple will have a severe problem although they are very long-term ideas.

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