General Electric will present new devices at CES

A little over a year ago we saw how General Electric would launch an add-on to make its bulbs compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and since then we have seen some news related to the well-known manufacturer. And today he is again the protagonist.

Again General Electric (GE) is the protagonist when announcing a series of products designed so that our house has the label of a smart home. Devices for approaching the smart home such as a new three-wire smart switch and two Hubless dimmer models.

Starting with the first, it is a wireless dimmer that makes use of an integrated battery. It is a kind of electric switch that is used to decrease the brightness of the lights at home and through which we can control smart bulbs, other switches and intelligent dimmers from GE. A device that thanks to the fact that it does not require connection with an electrical outlet, allows its placement on any wall by using only adhesive tape.

Together with it and boasting ease when placing them at home, they have also presented a wireless motion sensor and wireless remote control. Systems that can be managed remotely through the mobile app C by GE or with voice commands through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

In this sense, it should be noted that GE is opening the C by GE mobile application to third-party manufacturers so that these devices are easier to associate with all types of products regardless of the brand that manufactures them.

For now, GE has not provided information on when these new devices will reach the market, nor the price with which we can find them in stores, both physical and online.

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