Get to know the glass window for SMART BATHROOM that offers technology and greater privacy

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Using glass window for smart bathroom has been one of the newest trends in decoration, which in addition to modifying the appearance of the environments, brings sophistication and innovation in their spaces.

Electronic or intelligent glass is one of the most current technologies aggregated in architectural designs, allowing you to electronically control your privacy and light passing.

The LC Privacy Glass, also known as intelligent glass, has a technology that changes the look of the glass placed in the chosen environment, changing the color clear and clean to the matte (or private) with a simple push of a button.

Use of Glass Window for Smart Bathroom

One of the most perfect applications of the glass privacy glass in the LC Privacy Glass is in damp environments, where blinds and curtains tend to become damp, dirty and in need of repair.

Even in the frosted or private state, the intelligent glass allows the passage of diffused light or the entrance of natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

For added flexibility, each section of the LC Privacy Glass can be independently selected and controlled within the same window.

You can freeze the top, leaving the bottom clear for brightness control. Or leave the top clearer while the bottom is matte if you want little clarity, for example.

This makes your bathroom stand apart from luxurious, with an incredible design. When you want privacy, call in private mode and when no one is using the bathroom, leave it off for the room to appear.

How Does Glass Window Work For Smart Bathroom?

The production of the intelligent glass was made with a lamination process, of two glasses with an LCD film (liquid crystal).

It can be operated through your applications, through a wall switch or can also be integrated into your home automation.

When the chosen voltage is triggered, the molecules settle in an exclusive direction, making it frosted.

When the device is turned off, the smart glass returns to its normal condition. This will allow the passage of light to flow through the intelligent glass.

Check out the key benefits of smart glass:

The product is capable of receiving projections

If the smart glass is turned off, you may be able to receive image projection.

By having the liquid crystal in its composition, it will provide higher quality of the projected image.

This means that you can watch series, movies, novels and anything else you desire in your environment.

Tailor made

Created for special spaces, smart glass can be used in hospitals, hotels, residences or anywhere that requires privacy and that allows its functional use of the spaces chosen.

Extremely clean facility

Smart glass is created to allow for easy cleaning, preventing dirt buildup.

For this reason, it has a very simplified maintenance and excellent durability.

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