Halo songwriter would love to put music to The Legend of Zelda

Martin "Marty" O'Donnell has declared himself a lover of the Nintendo saga.

There are many composers in the industry who gain relevance for their works and for declaring their passion for video games. If Norihiko Hibino, responsible for the Metal Gear Solid soundtrack has recently announced that he will participate in 9 Years of Shadows, now it is the turn of Martin "Marty" O'Donnell father of Halo music and declared lover of The Legend of Zelda, to which he hopes to be able to contribute his grain of sand.

Speaking to YouTube channel The Act Man yesterday, O'Donnell spoke about how he had played all the games in the well-known Nintendo saga and that if he had a chance, he would compose music for them: "I would love to work on Zelda, I love it, I have played everything that has come out related to the universe ”.

If I had a slight chance I would compose for Zelda

Regarding video game soundtracks, we remind you that the music of Nier: Automata has been released on Sporify and it sounds spectacular. Also that the composer of the mythical Chrono Trigger will put music to Sea of Stars, the RPG of the authors of The Messenger.

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