How to Choose a Tv to Have a Cinema Experience!

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Today's technology allows you to have a true movie experience inside your home! But for that, one of the important steps is the choice of TV. In this post we will give tips on how to choose a TV that will not leave you behind in the experience of Home Cinema!

So you want a home cinema?

If you want to have a proper movie experience in your living room, it's time to upgrade your "entertainment center".

Today's 4K TVs have more than 8 million pixels, which means they have four times the resolution of their old HDTV. This higher resolution means sharper images that would make your old TV shameful. The resolution is not the only improvement on newer television sets: new TVs can also display brighter and more vibrant colors, and the speakers can produce 3D sound with truly cinematic quality.

But what do you need to buy? If you've tried buying a new television recently, you know that marketing jargon can be confusing. So let's start with the basics and find out what the common terms of TV mean - and why they are important for a great home viewing experience.

How to choose a TV in 2019 for a true cinema experience?

Buy a tv 4k UHD

UHD (Ultra High Definition) 4K TVs have four times the resolution of Full HD sets, which means you have four times more detail. And because each pixel is smaller than those in Full HD sets of the same size, you can sit closer to the screen without seeing the lines that separate the pixels.

So, use your tape measure to check the distance from your television to your couch. You will see that you can (and should) sit much closer to the 4K UHD set.

Spend a little more for a true immersive sound

George Lucas (Star Wars) says that sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie, and we could not agree more. That means getting a home theater experience means getting a set with great sound - and that usually means buying a speaker system or a separate Soundbar for better sound quality. That's because today's TVs are so thin that there is not enough space in the TV box to accommodate large speakers.


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