Ikea puts on sale its incredible TRÅDFRI LED bulbs. Only for 9.99 dollars

Updated: Apr 1

Ikea takes time with the intention of illuminating our homes thanks to its range of TRÅDFRI LED bulbs, some models that are now going to be complemented with a new version of the same name but with a more striking and decorative appearance.

The new iteration has what we can call "Edison design" since it refers to the appearance of the first incandescent bulbs with a large filament inside. However, this time it was decided to use low-power LEDs to offer a warm and decorative light.

And we say decorative because the intention of this bulb is not to illuminate the room, but rather to satisfy users who seek ambient light or dim lighting in some corners of the home. With an E26 socket size, it emits light with a color temperature of 2,200 Kelvin but with a maximum brightness of 250 lumens.

This is approximately equivalent to a 25-watt incandescent bulb, although thanks to the use of LEDs the consumption has been reduced to more than decent 2.7 watts, with a standby consumption of 0.5 watts and an average lifespan of 25,000 hours.

It supports the regulation of the light power from the Ikea Home Smart application, but for this, we will also need to have a TRÅDFRI series control device sold separately (remote control, intensity regulator or wireless motion sensor), although We can also do it from a wall switch with power control.

As for the possibilities of use, it is designed for indoors and with operating temperatures between 4 ° F and 104 ° F, so we should be able to use it in most domestic environments.


The new TRÅDFRI bulb with Ikea Edison design is now on sale in its stores for a price of 9.99 dollars.

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