Intelligent showers can change the traditional way of bathing

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Bathing is a simple activity, with which we have been accustomed for a long time, but although it may seem strange, it is possible to innovate and make each shower an even more special and technological moment.

This can be seen in the smart showers, which adapt to the current needs of residential automation and also make users have an even more comforting, enjoyable and economical experience at their disposal.

Get to know some of the new technologies regarding showers and see how this area has evolved a great deal over time.

How smart are the showers?

Disruptive and innovative. The changes and updates they have made make them much more than hygiene appliances and have their purpose also linked to comfort and modernity.

Some of them can be interconnected to residential automation projects, while others are offered with revolutionary shapes and configurations and quite interesting.

Smart showers

The U by Moen is a good example of a smart shower, equipped with a digital waterproof panel that is installed inside the bathroom so that the appliance can be fully controlled.

With Wi-Fi connectivity, it also has an application where you can set up to 12 different settings for bathing in relation to temperature, bath time and even water pressure, which can bring an even more interesting experience.

In addition, with each bath taken, the shower automatically records the time of the bath and the consumption of water and electricity, which gives you all the information you need to know.

Shower with speakers

Singing is one of the most common activities in the bath, as it helps to spend that time in an even more enjoyable way. For the moment to be useful, practical and, of course, technological, nothing better than a shower with integrated speakers.

A model, manufactured by H2O Vibe, has built-in speakers that make it easy to listen to music in the bath, and prevent cell phones and other devices that can not come in contact with moisture from being damaged.

In addition to the built-in controls in the accessory, you also have Bluetooth connectivity, so you can listen to your favorite songs from any device that has this technology.

Shower with water consumption and temperature display

Another beautiful option to combine technology, comfort and economy, without giving up the possibility of residential automation, is the use of a shower with LED display, responsible for showing the temperature and thus bring more comfort to the moment.

WaterHawk is an example of such a shower. In addition to knowing the temperature, the LED lights change color if the water is cold or warm, which is another form of convenience and practicality for the bath.

Home automation and smart showers: a fundamental relationship for the economy

Available in various models, colors, sizes and configurations, these showers allow you to take a very comfortable and relaxing bath, as well as having relevant information that helps both the quality of the bath and its economy.

For example, according to the model chosen, it is possible to program a temperature for hot days and thus reduce the costs of heating the water, especially when considering that the shower is among the appliances that consume most electricity at home .

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