Nest Makes temperature control more affordable at home.

Updated: Mar 31

Nest is one of the reference brands when talking about the connected home thanks to its wide range of products. Of all of them, thermostats occupy a prominent place. Not surprisingly, the Nest was a pioneer in this segment, which until recently has held the exclusive aura.

This last name can, however, disappear with the Thermostat E, a more economical and accessible model. In it the brand maintains the functionalities of machine learning (machine learning) but improves in two aspects: it is cheaper and easier to install.

With the Nest Thermostat E it has been facilitated that the user manages to adapt the temperature more easily in his home since the system detects that there is no one at home and adapts the temperature accordingly either by turning the heating on or off.

Two parts form the Nest Thermostat E: on the one hand the Heat Link E, a piece used to connect the current thermostat via Wi-Fi with the Thermostat E, the second part of the equation, which will be the true interface with which We will operate. This can be placed both on the wall and on the base.

This integrates a circular screen that can be operated using either the touch surface, the mobile app or the outer circular ring. Inside, it incorporates an ambient sensor that offers the ideal temperature at all times.

In this sense, the Thermostat E allows establishing daily routines based on the data collected from users so that it will gradually adapt to the needs of the residents. With this learning, you can determine when to raise or lower the temperature by turning the heating on or off or show how much energy we use in our day to day.

And through the Nest application, we can control the temperature regardless of our location and we can do it even through voice commands with any device that is compatible with Google Assistant.

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