Nintendo and LEGO present their NES set with Super Mario and a TV on video

Soon after making the announcement of the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System, we already have the first video and release date of this new set of LEGO figures that will breathe new life into the mythical NES by transforming it into a curious toy that includes its own block TV LEGO, and Super Mario !, that will be part of the fun.

This LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System set will go on sale on August 1, coinciding with the launch of LEGO Super Mario, which will also be compatible with this new toy, being able to use its cubic Mario as a luxury spectator. "Are you passionate about video games? Did you play Super Mario Bros. video game in your childhood? Or do you just like to occupy your free time with creative manual activities? If so, the nostalgic LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System model kit is perfect for you "says the official description of this new product.

The video is very illustrative of what this new set of LEGO figures offers, which takes into account all the details to delight the most nostalgic players. "The genuine details of the NES console have been recreated in LEGO styles, such as a knob and a slot that opens for the buildable game cartridge with a highly realistic locking feature. Super Mario Bros. fans will love the model.", informs the toymaker.

This is not exactly a small set. "The buildable TV measures approximately 22.5 cm high, 23.5 cm wide and 16 cm deep," can be read on its official website. "Show it next to the model of the NES console and they will look amazing in your home or office." This product follows the line of a LEGO Super Mario that, in addition to encouraging the creativity of fans, also wants to entertain them with challenges and interactive game mechanics.

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