OLED lighting. Modular strips that want to replace current LEDs

A few years ago when the first LEDs appeared, it seemed a magnificent innovation that has become increasingly important in our homes. The next step? Well, it seems that it will come from the hand of OLED lighting, a more than worthy successor.

Advances in this sector are happening every few months with new inventions and surprising applications. The latter comes from the hand of the Fraunhofer FEP where they have just invented a new modular OLED strip that could replace the current LEDs.

Although OLED light strips are not something new, the new version developed by these researchers provides modularity as the main distinguishing feature. The idea is that we can add more modules to the strip to increase the length but maintain its general characteristics, being able to control them individually and without visible joints.

OLED provides greater flexibility than LED, lower consumption and especially a uniform light over the entire surface, so no diffusers are needed that increase the thickness and final weight of the set. At the moment it is a prototype that the Fraunhofer FEP will show at the next technology fairs, but at the moment it seems a very promising invention for multiple applications outside and inside the home.

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