Sega is "impatient" to share exciting news about Sonic's 30th anniversary

From the company, they have revealed that they have prepared their birthday and that they will have to remain vigilant.

If Sega opened a website a month ago to celebrate his 60th birthday, now is the turn of Sonic, who next year will celebrate his 30th anniversary. Sonic Team's Takashi Iizuka has already confirmed that the development of the next hedgehog title is underway and added that "Sega is preparing for his birthday." Now, the CEO of the company, Ivo Gerscovich has signed this statement and has confessed that "they have exciting news that they are dying to share."

Gerscovich spoke about this in an interview collected by GamingTrend where he calls fans to look at the latest news: "We have great surprises in store, but you will have to pay attention for more details." Despite having the entire team at home due to the coronavirus crisis and having had to delay the plans, the company is very hopeful about the future of the franchise.

With the cancellation of numerous video game events this year, information from Sega is likely to start surfacing at the next Summer Game Fest or after the summer. For his part, the director of Sonic The Movie has been eager to have another chance with the video game saga waiting for Paramount Pictures to greenlight a sequel. Likewise, Sega recently communicated his willingness to revive the 1993 arcade game about the hedgehog but made it clear that it would only be possible with the support of fans. In order for them to continue rescuing old Sonic gems, current games need to succeed in terms of sales.

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