Siri will surprise us again in 2020 with the launch of "SiriOS"

After the 2019 Apple Developers Conference, we all expected a much smarter and more productive Siri looking like something to Google Assistant who has undoubtedly advanced on the right to the Apple assistant in recent months. This hope has remained in that, a dream since iOS 13 and iPadOS have not incorporated significant improvements in their voice assistant but it seems that from Apple they would be working on something very large by 2020 as reported by Mangrove Capital Partners in its Annual report 'Voice Tech Report'.

In this report they let us see that next year's WWDC will be very focused on Siri with the launch of SiriOS that will aim to improve Apple's voice assistant ecosystem in order to give developers more tools and launch different applications.

Siri will once again be the protagonist in WWDC 2020

There are many experts who agree that the release of SiriOS is very necessary to be able to match the development they are doing on Google and Amazon with their voice assistants.

Although, the great problem of the assistants right now is that they do not transmit security. There is much information that has come out these days that both Google and Amazon listen to some of the conversations we have with our assistant, this being a serious privacy problem. Who tells us that they do not listen to all our private conversations and use them for commercial purposes to improve the publicity offered to us.

Apple wants to stand out for having a totally secure and reliable voice assistant and that is why they recently acquired the privacy-focused AI company Silk Labs. With this movement they expect users to have no doubt that the information they offer to their Assistant to make your life easier and more productive is safe.

Now Apple offers developers SiriKit tools so that they can integrate Siri into their applications, but with SiriOS, we will have something much more similar but making these functions can be applied in iOS, macOS, and iPadOS much more easily. This is very similar to what Amazon has with Alexa Skills that facilitate the development in the implementation of Alexa functions.

This is a tremendously intelligent movement because analysts believe that in 2025 voice assistants will be worth a billion dollars, assuming a great growth in the industry.

Since 9to5mac they have also extracted other predictions that have been made in this report. These predictions are as follows:

  • In 5-10 years the keyboard will be totally dead and we will move through our teams playing, speaking and gesturing.

  • The handling of the devices with the voice will lead to the manufacture of mobile phones without a screen.

  • There will be a change from software to hardware so that the voice is independent of the application.

It is clear that Siri needs a facelift and put many more functions to make him a more attractive voice assistant for the public and especially much more productive.

We believe that these are very important steps but we must wait many years to see them come true. Leave us in the comment box what you think of this report, do you think Apple will dare to launch SiriOS?

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