Star Citizen exceeds $ 300 million; 50 million more since December 2019

Since it was unveiled in late 2012, with a successful campaign on Kickstarter, the promising Star Citizen has continued to attract more and more fans and investors, to the point that today, this ambitious space simulator, has a budget that already exceeds 300 million dollars. An astronomical figure that is even more spectacular if we consider that in December 2019, the amount was around 250 million.

Therefore, they have been close to an additional 50 million in the last six months, which is the same amount that Star Citizen added from November 2018 to December 2019. What is the reason for this increase? According to the data that Cloud Imperium Games itself registers on the official website of Star Citizen, May has been a great month for this space simulator, with a collection that exceeds 15 million dollars. At this point it is important to make a nuance.

Although months ago Star Citizen added close to $ 20 million from three investors, surpassing the 300 million mark, the figure we now echo comes directly from the investments made by fans through the official website of the game , which are already more than 2.7 million people worldwide. This has been contributed by constant content updates and free trials, which have spread the popularity of what is one of the most anticipated PC video games in recent years.

After the end of hostilities with Crytek, the Cloud Imperium Games team released just a few weeks ago update 3.9 with new features and survival elements in Star Citizen. In addition to its multiplayer experience, this space simulator will feature a powerful solo campaign known as Squadron 42, of which we show you its latest trailer focused on its portentous graphic section.

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