Super Mario and Bowser star in a collection of must-have figures for fans

Nintendo characters look colossal in their next toy collection.

A new line of Mario and Bowser toys has been announced taking their rivalry to another level. Bid Toys has prepared a set of figures centered on the Japanese icons Ultraman and Godzilla. The statement has been made official through the company's social networks and these versions have been called tokusatsu MA-NULTRA and KOOBALA.

Polished vinyl figures look really bright in two shades of Ultraman's original television series. MA-NULTRA features Mario's rounded features paired with his signature mustache, while KOOBALA has a textured gray and represents Bowser complete with Godzilla's spines on his shell and Kaiju's dynamic tail.

Shown are only the first products announced, but the collection could be expanded. Its launch is set for the end of August 2020 and taking advantage of the pull of the next games, some Levi's Super Mario clothes and a new collection of Super Mario Uniqlo have also been released globally.

Regarding the future of video games, Super Mario 3D World has been listed for Nintendo Switch in a major American store and there are ballots for it to arrive soon on the Japanese console. For its part, Super Mario Maker 2 has already received its latest major update that allows the user to create worlds.

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