Tesla Model Y. It's here.

Updated: Mar 31

What may be the most important model in Tesla's history hits the road. The success of the Y model is vital to Tesla for many reasons, and now enthusiasts, those who reserved the vehicle as soon as it was available, can finally control whether it meets expectations. The first customers who reserved and paid for Model Y are already presuming to have received an email or text message from the company, confirming the delivery date; and there are only a few days left. This location date and location of other factors; and it should be clarified that for the moment, US users have priority. But it is still a key moment.

Launch of the Tesla Model Y

Everything indicates that at the end of this week the first customers will be able to drive their Model Y; the dates published by these users are March 13 and 14, according to Electrek. In fact, it could have been even earlier, as there were rumors that March 11 would be the official launch date.

Despite this, it must be emphasized that this is the first time that Tesla not only meets the announced launch date but even improves it. Originally Elon Musk announced the Tesla Model Y for Fall 2020; and there was reason to think that he was not going to keep that promise. All previous models had suffered delays and Tesla's youth as a manufacturer was noticeable, but changes in the production line and the fact that the Model Y shares a platform with the Model 3 has accelerated things.

First units arrive this week

As usual, the first models delivered are the most complete and therefore the most expensive; many "Performance" models are appreciated in transport trucks. Officially this policy is Tesla's way of rewarding the brand's most enthusiastic.

Near the launch, Tesla has also started to open up the configuration possibilities of the Model Y, which can now be achieved with a white interior, and not just black as before. For the moment, the first units will arrive on the west coast of the US, with no information yet on when it will reach the rest of the country and, of course, Europe. Hopefully, in the first few months, it will be difficult to get a Model Y in Europe, at least until the Berlin "giga-factory" is finished and it can start production of this model and the Model 3.


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