Tesla Software Version 10. New Features

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

These are all new features, video games, and functions that have been confirmed or rumored to reach version 10 of Tesla software.

Recently Elon Musk confirmed that Netflix and YouTube will reach the screens of all Tesla through a software update, but that is one of many of the improvements that will get the company's vehicles through version 10 of its operating system It is expected to arrive in late August.

Throughout these days Musk has been answering on Twitter with some of the things that Tesla will get once updated. This is a list (constantly updated) of everything announced and rumored:


  • Netflix and YouTube.

  • Autopilot improvements on highways.

  • Recognition of traffic lights and signs of STOP.

  • Summon smart.

  • Text to speech for text messages received on the smartphone.

  • Silence some of the car's alert alarms, such as lane correction. They call it "Joe mode."

  • Karaoke mode, they call it "Karaoke."


  • General improvements to the graphical interface, which always come with new large versions (v8.0, v9.0, v10.0).

  • Fallout Shelter (video game).

  • Cuphead (video game).

It is also possible that watching Netflix and YouTube on the screen is possible without Wi-Fi but instead is part of the "premium connectivity package" that Tesla announced but still does not sell. It consists of an annual payment for having internet access from the car through 4G connection, which so far is free.

The final release date of version 10 of Tesla software has not been announced, but if it is at the end of August it does not necessarily mean that all cars receive it at the same time and some of the new functions may not arrive in Europe for reasons Regulatory


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