The 3 BEST SMART ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSHES compatible with iPhone and iPad

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Of all the categories of smart products that have flooded the market lately, the electric toothbrush is one of the most striking. After experiencing a change in my life, thanks to a smart vacuum and the HomeKit home automation, I am a little more convinced of the benefits and comforts that come with this type of accessories.

The best electric and smart toothbrushes

To consider a toothbrush as "smart" it has to meet two requirements: have a Bluetooth connection and an iPhone app. In this way, you can monitor your brushing to perfect it day by day.


It was born in Kickstarter but it is already a product that is sold in online stores. Kolibree shows you in real-time what your brushing is like, which areas need more passes and also measures the total time of each session.

The peculiarity of this brush is that with its app you can have different user profiles were the game mode for child stands out. That is, the little ones in the house have an incentive to brush their teeth thanks to the games that Kolibree has. As a final point, its price is the lowest of all we have found.

Philips smart toothbrushes

Philips is one of the two major brands that sell smart toothbrushes, with connectivity and iOS app. Under the Sonicare range, we have two models available. The first one is designed for children, which also uses an app-shaped game to motivate them to brush their teeth every day.

It has a movement of 31,000 oscillations per minute (it seems to be an error and be movements, not oscillations), two-minute timer and sonic type head. Its price is much lower than the adult version.

As for the adult version, under the complicated name of Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Smart, we have an intelligent toothbrush that has (almost) everything. 3-week battery, pressure and intensity sensors, different programs and an app that gives us all kinds of indications about brushing.

In addition, the box comes with several heads, a travel case and a "glass" for loading. There is an option for tongue cleaning accessory. All this makes its price one of the most expensive we will find.

Link to amazon

Smart toothbrushes from Oral-B

All three models have connectivity, app, and some sensors, as well as a timer. The differences are hard to find.

First, we have the Pro 7000 SmartSeries. One of the first to have "intelligence." It is the least powerful of the three, lacks a pressure sensor to avoid damaging the gums and does not record the position of the toothbrush. At the time of writing this article, it is not the cheapest as it would correspond (although the difference is small).

The Genius 8000N is the "input" toothbrush of the next smart Oral-B generation. This model is sensitive to pressure on the gums and recognizes the position of the head, but has a less brushing program than the previous model and lacks a tongue cleaner.

Its price is slightly lower and you also gain more interesting features than you lose. As an addition, you have an accessory to hang the iPhone in the mirror and see your progress while brushing your teeth.

Finally, we have the Genius 9000N. The top-of-the-range smart toothbrush from Oral-B. This model is a mixture of the previous two, with everything that each one lacks. That is, it has pressure sensors to avoid damaging the gums, shows the position during washing, has a tongue cleaner, maximum speed, and up to 6 cleaning programs. And, of course, it has support for the iPhone.

The key is that the price right now makes it difficult for you to resist if you have decided on an Oral-B.

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