The 3rd Generation of Tesla's Solar Roof is here. 2019

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

It has been a great week for Tesla, who presented great financial results accompanied by very important announcements for the company in the short term. One of these announcements was the arrival of the third generation of its solar roof, which is now official, although we must anticipate that the changes are minimal since they come to improve what we already knew since 2017.

According to Elon Musk, this new version is now known as "Tesla Solar Glass", and they have decided to eliminate all the customization options and designs they had, this to focus solely on a single textured glass style finish, which means that the Other styles and designs will no longer be available.

They hope the third version is the good one

Broadly speaking, this new solar roof is now a little cheaper, because production costs have decreased, and, according to Musk, it is now faster and easier to install, in addition to the time that will maintain its efficiency will be greater. Here it should be noted that the lifetime remains approximately 30 years and the efficiency is the same.

According to Tesla's own calculations, installing a 10 kW solar roof in an "average house" of about 610 square meters will cost $ 33,950. The previous version was priced at $ 50,000 but also included a Powerwall 2 battery.

As I said, now there is only one available finish known as "Tesla Solar Glass", but they also offer the option of something called 'Premium Roof', which is nothing other than traditional tiles with solar panels, that is, it is not about roof tiles with photovoltaic cells. In the case of the 'Premium Roof,' the price rises to $ 43,790 for the same 610 square meters.

The really important thing about the announcement was that Musk confirmed that they would accelerate the production of their solar roof, which is manufactured in the former SolarCity plant, which is now Buffalo's Gigafactory 2. According to the executive, they will increase production to 1,000 ceilings per week.

The installation time is maintained in two weeks after confirming availability, although Musk mentioned that they are already looking for ways to reduce this time, so they will rely on their Fremont plant in order to be faster and more efficient. Musk also announced that they will start the certification of external installers, which will help with the installation of solar roofs for Tesla.

It is a fact that Tesla has lost strength in the issue of the solar panel, where SolarCity was a leader. Its solar roof has presented several problems in the facilities and the majority of customers remain the same executives and employees of Tesla. For this reason, and in order to boost this business, last August they launched their new solar panel rental service, which on paper sounds like something attractive.

Right now Tesla will focus on supplying existing solar roof orders, which did not mention how many we are talking about, and the new orders will be installed until the following year.

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