The floppy disk that costs $ 7,500. We explain why.

A few years ago installing software was a real madness since we had to introduce in our computer a multitude of floppy disks for the files to be copied. Surely many people do not know what the diskettes are, and they were removed after the arrival of the CDs since the storage technology advanced in great strides in a short time. Now a floppy disk that is something unusable for us is sold for up to $ 7,500, but not because it is a floppy disk, but because it is signed by the great Steve Jobs.

This floppy disk is a museum jewel that costs 7,500 dollars

In recent months it has been seen how in the auctions many products with exorbitant prices appeared because they are signed by Steve Jobs. There are not too many objects that are signed by the founder of the company since he was not used to doing so, and that is why posters, Mac manuals or prizes are sold for a great price.

But to everyone's surprise, in this new auction, we have not seen any of these more ‘typical’ objects, but RU Auction has launched a pre-certified Macintosh floppy disk signed by Steve Jobs with a starting price of $ 7,500.

The description of this product reads as follows:

The Macintosh System Tools version 6.0 floppy disk, signed with a black felt tip, "steve jobs". In good condition, with a light brush with the ink. An enormously desirable format for the autograph rarely seen by Jobs, known as a reluctant signer, often refused to comply with collectors' requests. As a piece of Apple’s iconic Mac OS software, which features Jobs’s elegant and elegant lowercase signature, this is a piece of museum-quality computer history.

This article is precertified!

As we see in the description, and we check in the images of this diskette, the signature of the founder of the company is different from what we were used to seeing. It is undoubtedly an object that is very important for the world of computer science and for Apple fans since it is a floppy disk that houses Macintosh in good condition and certified.

As we say, the starting price is 7,500 dollars but this can end up increasing much more since the auction is being held right nowhere. If you dare and have the money you can participate perfectly in this online auction to have in your possession a unique object that has great value for many of us.

Leave us in the comment box what do you think of this floppy disk, would you buy it?

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