The most beautiful skies in video games

We often recreate ourselves with water, but the skies also have a lot to say.

The graphic section is one more piece of those that make up the set of a video game. For many users, it is no less important than other aspects and that is why companies are increasingly trying to conquer us through sight. Particles, use of light and shadows, a recreation of water and, of course, the skies. The next generation is just around the corner and both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are called to offer us a new graphic leap. In the meantime, we continue to taste the wonders that we already have and are seeing lately. Today we focus on the skies that we liked the most while enjoying video games.


The graphic section of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been somewhat out of date with the passage of time. The watch is unforgiving and the popular RPG from Bethesda is on track to mark a decade. However, his art direction shines with its own light at all times. As well as its beautiful northern lights that we can enjoy every night.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Probably the RockStar video game is still one of the most impressive that has been created in graphic terms. It does not matter where we are or at what time of the day; If we look at the sky, we see a picture that does not stray too far from real life. Americans will always be at the forefront in this regard.

Sea of thieves

Rare's multiplayer offering doesn't just feature a towering ocean; Heaven also plays critical role inexperience. And it is that sailing in the middle of the night and seeing a storm hanging over us is, plain and simple, spectacular. Every journey leaves us great visual moments at every sunset, at every sunrise. You just have to look up.


The title that From Software brought to PlayStation 4 more than five years ago earned, as usual in the Japanese studio, a fantastic art direction. The sky of Yharnam imposes by its appearance, not only by its beauty but by its changing nature. Terrifying at night, captivating by day and with a few surprises waiting to be discovered.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Aloy's adventure endures the type after the passage of more than three years. It is not for less; the Decima Engine is impressive and the art direction used in the game makes it one of the most beautiful of the generation. Sunrises, sunsets, night transitions ... It is impossible not to gape at your skies.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

We can not wait for the moment in which the second part opens on Xbox Series X. And it is that Ninja Theory surprised us all with its proposal, narrative and deep, but also with one of the most spectacular graphic sections that we have ever seen. Every thunder we see on the horizon makes us shrink thinking that it can reach us.

Gears 5

The latest installment of the popular Microsoft franchise has a spectacular graphic section, and the sky is one of the elements that most attract our attention. How can we forget the terrible storm that surrounds us when we cross the red desert aboard the sled? It makes our mouths water thinking about how Gears 6 will look on Xbox Series X.

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