This will be the SMART HOME of the FUTURE

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

The smart home of the future will not be provided with useful devices only for daily work, but will cover a much broader spectrum that includes children and the elderly.

Smart kitchen

Technology in the kitchen will not only be for cooking, but also to be a better cook.

Smart ovens will be equipped with cameras and digital thermometers.

Frying pans will eliminate the equation by sizzling food at a precise temperature that you will set in a connected application.

Smart refrigerators will help reduce waste by informing you when carrots in the refrigerator are about to break down, and will offer several recipes for use.

LG's smart refrigerator will even send cooking instructions to the smart oven. Meanwhile, 3D food printers will help prepare pasta with intricate shapes; and ice cream makers equipped with smart technology will automatically detect the hardness of the mix and keep it ready until it is time to eat it.

The smart bedroom

In the search for comfort and facilities, an important factor is sleep.

Sleep trackers, such as the smart mattress and smartphone applications of Eight Sleep Time and Sleep Circle will use sensors to measure sleep indicators; while smart alarm clocks like Amazon's mini echo will help you start the day with the right weather, weather and news of the day.

Knox Aroma smart aromatherapy alarm clocks will detect when you have reached the lightest point of the sleep cycle and will emit an alarm aroma of your choice.

Subsequently, the wardrobe will contact you, tracking health markers and habits, including: MadeWithGlove smart gloves, which allow you to detect the temperature of the skin and provide adequate heat.

The clothes can even change shape or color depending on your mood, as well as the Sensoree humor sweater, available to preorder.

If you need to change your wardrobe, you will not have to leave the house to find the clothes that best suits: the mirror patented by Amazon will allow you to try it virtually from the comfort of your room.

Smart bathroom

In the future, spa experiences at home will be normal. A digital assistant can dry the bathroom with a smart shower system such as U by Moen.

High-tech tubs, like Toto's, will induce relaxed brain waves, while nose-oriented devices like Olfinity will allow you to schedule and control your own aromatherapy session from your iPhone while you dive.

All this may seem exaggerated, however, remember that a decade ago, few of us could imagine being so attached to our smartphones, much less order groceries on the Internet or give orders to a digital assistant.

Over time, even the strangest things can become habitual.

However, technology can appear and disappear but there are things that never change, and the home will always be in the house, however smart it may be.

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