Watch Dogs Legion promises a variety of realistic characters but without forgetting the fun

It has been done to beg, but Watch Dogs Legion finally has a release date. Ubisoft's open-world adventure will take us on October 29 to a futuristic London ready to rebel against the system, and one of the virtues of this installment is the possibility of recruiting characters of all kinds as playable characters, from expert hackers to old ladies with a cane, passing by hooligans, workers, writers, bus drivers ...

All kinds of people on foot, each with their own skills rooted in realism, but with a speck of fantasy and fun. In a statement for AusGamers, producer Sean Crooks talks about how Watch Dogs Legion has taken real traits and turned them into RPG skills for its various characters: "For example, if you see a human statue, that's a gesture you can use, and actually allows you to hide from Albion. If you find yourself being chased, you can turn the corner and pose as a statue to hide in plain sight, and pass them by."

"We have a hooligan who loves to drink, and if you find him, he will surely be in a bar. Normally, if you look at his properties you will see things like 'he does more damage when he drinks' or that 'he resists more damage if he is drunk', so you have to get him drunk in a bar and then he starts doing more melee damage and things like that. There are tons of options like that, "explains the producer. In this sense, the person in charge of Watch Dogs Legion explains that they want to maintain a certain realism with the characters and their abilities, maintain the fantasy of being that character, but without forgetting the fun.

"We have focused much more on the fantasy of the characters. If someone asks when meeting a bus driver, if he comes with a bus included, the answer is yes to that. That is what we intend. That is not only a game skill. Some things are active and passive skills, but others are just for fun. You won't unlock [the trait] 'flatulence' in a skill tree. But these are fun fantasy elements that add another layer about a population of people who feel real. "

Therefore, it seems that in Watch Dogs Legion there will be a good variety of characters to recruit, and even if their skills will be rooted in reality, within the limits of these, they will have enough scope for fun. Recently, in 3DJuegos we have spoken with the director of the adventure about this ambitious character system with traits and relationships of its own, although if you are looking for information about the game, do not hesitate to consult our impressions of Watch Dogs Legion. And do not forget to take a look at the Ubisoft Store offers on the occasion of its recent event, which have hundreds of games at a reduced price.

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