Why automating your HOME will RAISE ITS VALUE?

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

The home of the future is becoming the home of the present and will change the real estate development from now.

With a 33% growth rate per year in the United States and a technology migration to Mexico and Latin America to the same extent, real estate developers will have to begin to consider smart home as a mandatory feature of their projects.

According to a Coldwell Banker study, 81% of respondents would rather buy a home that already has smart devices installed.

The range of smart devices today is vast and continues to increase. From surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, water leaks, gas leaks, lighting control, blinds, bells, and so we could carry on a lot and a lot.

Another interesting fact is that 4 of the 5 most valuable companies in the world (Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft) are investing millions of dollars in smart home systems.

But what is the market asking for?

According to real estate firm Coldwell Banker, when asked what smart products they would prefer to have pre-installed potential buyers:

77% would like smart thermostats pre-installed

75% would like to pre-install intelligent fire detectors

66% would like a pre-installed smart camera

63% would like a pre-installed smart lock

63% would like a pre-installed intelligent lighting system

How expensive can it be to make a smart home?

The belief that making your home smart cost you a fortune is no longer the case. Technology is advancing and with it the development and competition as well, which diminishes systems and devices. Today products like Lutron, Nest, Honeywell, among many others, can offer solutions that fit your budget and your project. In the same way, they allow you to scale automation, start only in some areas and then grow to others.

In addition, lighting control systems represent considerable energy savings for your home.

So you already know, the smart home is the present, not the future. Consult certified professionals who can advise you easily and at no cost so that you know the options offered by the national and international market.


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