Xbox Series X: The generational leap will be as important as that of 2D to 3D

The head of Xbox assures that the ray tracing of the next Microsoft console will be "great" and that the sensation of the games "will change drastically".

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's gaming division, has once again turned to social media to praise the company's next-generation console: Xbox Series X. The executive says that ray tracing "on the console will be great." He also speculates that the generational leap, at least as far as the feel of games is concerned, will be more important than any other since the transition from 2D to 3D. "Console ray tracing will be great," Spencer replies to a Twitter user asking about this technology, which will allow for a more realistic recreation of lighting and sound. However, the most visible head of the Xbox brand says it is "very focused on the work they are doing around Dynamic Latency Entry."

On the official Xbox Wire blog, they define this technology as functionality with which "developers will be able to more accurately synchronize player input with game simulation and rendering loop, further reducing input latency when playing." Spencer believes that this, along with other technical improvements, will be an important change compared to the present generation of consoles, Xbox One and PS4, and other previous machines. "From my point of view the sensation of the games in the next generation will change as drastically as any other from the transition from 2D to 3D," he says, referring to what happened in the 90s with PlayStation, Saturn and Nintendo 64. This is due to "improved CPU, DLI [Dynamic Latency Input], memory bandwidth, and SSD." In July 2019, Spencer already highlighted this improvement in the sensation of games over other features that the then-named Project Scarlett would bring. In an interview with Weekly Famitsu (via Twinfinite) he pointed out that the improvement of the "gameplay feel" is as important as the graphic improvement. Xbox Series X will hit stores in late 2020. Rumors suggest that Microsoft plans two digital console presentation events: one in May and one in June. The first would unveil Xbox Series S or Project Lockhart, a next-generation console with less power and less cost.

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