Xbox Series X will celebrate its exclusive games event on July 23: it is official

It is official: Microsoft will celebrate on July 23 its expected event of exclusive games for Xbox Series X. We bring forward the date, time and everything that is known for the moment ...

A few days ago we announced that the event for the exclusive Xbox Series X games would not be in early July, and today Microsoft has already confirmed when it will hold this expected event: it will be next July 23.

This has been confirmed by the Spanish Xbox Twitter account itself, confirming that the event begins at 6:00 pm on July 23 and will be preceded by a pre-show presented by Geoff Keighley, in which some new details may be presented about the games, the console or there is some kind of interview with some of the representatives of Xbox or the studios.

Now, for now, everything that will happen in the event and the pre-show is still unknown, although according to some rumors it will be focusing on the main AAA exclusive to the console and maybe some new third party releases.

We know that Halo Infinite is more than confirmed for the event, more than likely with some form of gameplay. On the other hand, there are still some rumors about a possible reboot of Perfect Dark developed by The Initiative for Xbox Series X, as well as the return of Fable 4, despite the fact that they recently said that the twitter accounts created for both of them Games were standard practice to prevent someone from occupying those names ...

Also on the table is the possible presentation of Xbox Lockhard, the rumored most affordable version of the next Xbox console, which would even have the same CPU as Xbox Series X and that could be much cheaper and without a disk player, according to the rumors.

What will Microsoft have in store for us on this July 23 event? We will have to keep waiting ... but we have an inescapable appointment next July 23. It's time for Microsoft to showcase what the first few exclusives from its powerful new console will offer.

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